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Our Future Farm Approach

As a result of the recent review of our regional risk portfolio, we have made the decision to exit from consistently underperforming categories.

ARGIS will be withdrawing from and will not be renewing:

  • Policies with non can-do occupations (including hobby farms);
  • Policies not situated in our can-do postcodes; and
  • Existing policies with less than 5 qualifying sections.

Our risk appetite will now concentrate on providing a complete farm package within our

can-do occupations and postcodes. A farm package will be defined as having 5 or more qualifying sections, including Farmer's Liability, with a minimum annual base premium of $1,500.

ARGIS will continue to specialise in farm packages for primary producers and these changes will allow us to better service this market by offering a competitive farm focused insurance product.

Also, our new straightforward approach is based on providing you a fast turnaround on all of our services (quote request, queries, claims notification), making the insurance process easier for you.

Please note that these changes will be effective for new business with immediate effect and renewals from 28 November 2011.

New Underwriting Criteria

New 5 sections minimum criteria

Our new risk appetite requires clients to have a minimum of five qualifying sections in their policy. "Farmer's Liability" must be included as one of these 5 qualifying sections.

Our qualifying sections are:
Farm Buildings; Farm Contents; Farm Contents Theft; Farmer's Liability; Machinery Breakdown & Refrigerated Stock; Fire: Fencing, Farm Machinery & Sundry Items; Fire: Livestock; Dwelling; Contents of Dwelling; Farm & Business Vehicle, and Personal Accident & Sickness.

Our non-qualifying sections that can be added to a policy are:
Private Motor; Farm Working Dogs; Livestock; Personal Effects and Pleasure Boat.

New excess on claims

A $300 excess applies on the majority of sections. To see a full list of the excess that applies to all sections please click here

New Online Tools
to get you started

Eligibility Tool

We have developed a new online eligibility page which uses a combination of our comprehensive Can Do occupation list and Can Do postcodes to assist you prior to obtaining a quote with us.
Try our eligibility tool now

Online Quote Request Form

Our newly developed quote request form is designed to assist you when you would like to obtain a quote from ARGIS. If the quote form is completed no proposal form will be required in the event that your quote is successful, just a simple signed declaration. You can download this form from the ARGIS Website.

The new quoting process will be more time efficient and will require less effort from you. This form can also be used as a generic submission documents.

To get a competitive quote from ARGIS try our Online Quote Request Form now.

Updated ARGIS Website

Be sure to check out our website for the latest details on the ARGIS changes. The website will provide further details about ARGIS and provide you with access to all of the information you require.
Visit the ARGIS website.


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